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Protecting People and Peace of Mind


Our professionals design, install and maintain customized solutions that deliver bullet proof security solutions for any business. Based on the needs of your business, we provide you with the best possible technology and security for your commercial spaces with 24/7 security camera systems, video surveillance, access control and more to protect your business all day and all night.

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Developing secure, easy to use systems and services is what we do every day. The design is simple, but some clients feel that managing hardware solutions across different locations can be tough. We will do this for you. We can maintain consistent hardware solutions across all of your locations, in or out of state.

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We undertake the entire process, from design to implementation, to managing if needed. We design and deliver turn-key solutions when you need it most. Our customer service department is there for you throughout the entire process, from surveys and design to installation and completion, we keep you updated every step of the way.

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Our Story

Austin’s Key & Lock was founded by Austin & Linda Hardwick in 1978. Austin worked at Sturm machine shop in Barboursville WV for a few years and knew he had entrepreneur inside of him. He took a mail order locksmithing course and shadowed under Judy’s locksmith in Charleston while working nights at Sturm. He started with his small minivan and garage providing basic locksmithing services for the residents of the Huntington area.

Daniel their son later stepped in and started working full time with Austin as a technician and started following in his father’s footsteps to one day fill Austin and Linda’s role in the company. He then started to grow the company further than Austin had ever dreamed. In 2018 Austin’s had rebranded to AKL Security Solutions to help change with the times and show customers that we offered much more than locksmithing services. Since then, Austin has passed away, but his locksmith legacy still lives through the company that he built.


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