Designing the initial key system

by adminkim

Posted on 2020-12-09 07:12:06

“When designing the initial key system in a new building or facility, the question posed is should I go with a standard core or interchangeable core system? You may ask what’s the difference?”

Choosing a core system is essentially like everything else in the construction process. The decision needs to be made with your individual needs. But what is the difference, What are the benefits of one vs the other? Lets start by explaining what each core is and does.

Standard Cores

Standard cores have a key cylinder that is fixed or directly attached to a lock. The core is the circular section within "the cylinder". The initial costs of installing a system like this is less expensive up front, but may be more expensive long term. This is due to the fact that every time you need to rekey the building a locksmith technician will need to come on-site and partially disassemble the lock to rekey it to a new key. This can start to add up if your business type has a lot of turn over or you have apartments or rentals with relatively shorter leases.

IC Cores

Interchangeable cores are the figure-eight shaped piece housed inside cylinder. This give you the ability as the property manager or owner to rekey the lock yourself. A control key is used to remove and install the core, and as long as your store personnel has the keys for the old and new cylinders, lock changes can be performed in under a minute most typically. We typically keep an extra set of cores for a replacement or give the facility manager the extra set of cores to keep in a secure place. Once the old cores are swapped with the new cores, Simply bring the old cores to us or even easier, drop them in the mail. We will rekey your old cores to a new change key and voilà you have a new set of replaceent cores ready for the next rekey process. This is all done without the need for a technician to make a service call to the site.

Cores – Which One Do You Choose?

With standard and IC cores, there isn’t necessarily one that’s better than the other. They both have advantages and disadvantages and simply a different way to rekey them. A standard core system is going to give you higher security options so if security is a deciding factor, you may want to look into this type of system. However, with interchangeable core systems, the cost of rekeying is going to be less expensive because this can be done in-house without the help of a locksmith technician coming to your site. Interchangeable core systems are also easier to manage the cylinders and keys you have to work the system. You, as the facility owner, have access to your control key and are basically completely in charge of your rekeying.

If you currently have a standard core cyctem and are thinking of switching to an interchangeable core system please give us a call or visit